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Go On Voip Calling Card platform allows you to sell calling cards to your local market under your own brand name. Your customers
will be able to make low-cost, premium quality calls worldwide by dialing your own local access numbers.

What is Unique about the Our Calling Card?
- No processing fees.
- Enjoy full talktime
- Validity from first call
- No activation required.
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  Country Access Number
  USA 16195734325
How to call?

Dial the accesses number from your mobile phone or landline
2. Enter the username when asked
3. Once authenticated enter the mobile number you want to call with country code with out + or 0's then #
Exameple : 9199123239123

The access numbers listed above are open to all calling plans


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International Calling Plans:
  Country Rate Validity Plan $5 Plan $10 Plan $15 Plan $25 Plan $50
India 1.0¢ 1 Year 500 1000 1500 2500 5000
 Pakistan 1.2¢ 1 Year 400 800 1200 2000 4000
 Bangladesh 1.4¢ 1 Year 350 700 1050 1750 3500
China 1.0¢ 1 Year 500 1000 1500 2500 5000
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