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   PC Dialer

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  Pc 2 Phone.

This service enables the clients to use a softphone dialer which facilitates them to make calls from their PC using only a headset and an internet connection.

The Soft Dialer is a software that offer the possibility to make LOW COST CALLS from a PC to any phone around the world.

This requires an internet connection. The Dialer is free to download and requires an Go On Voip account with minimum credits.

The Soft Dialer Application is an executable file that you must download to use our service. You can download Soft Dialer here

Features of Go On Voip Dialer :-

- Light weight and easy to download.
- Fast and can be  installed with minimum effort
- Works behind NATs, Firewalls and blocked ISPs.
- Stable and offers crystal clear voice quality even on low bandwidth dialup internet.

  System Requirements :-

- Intel™ Pentium PC and Windows™ XP/2000 operating system.
- Internet access with minimum data transmission of 64kbps.
- Works behind NATs, Firewalls and blocked ISPs.
- Headset with a microphone

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International Calling Plans:
  Country Rate Validity Plan $5 Plan $10 Plan $15 Plan $25 Plan $50
India 1.0¢ 1 Year 500 1000 1500 2500 5000
 Pakistan 1.2¢ 1 Year 400 800 1200 2000 4000
 Bangladesh 1.4¢ 1 Year 350 700 1050 1750 3500
China 1.0¢ 1 Year 500 1000 1500 2500 5000
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