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The days of long telephone bills resulting from expensive international calls are over. Go On Voip brings you a fantastic opportunity to enter the booming VoIP sector with our top of the line PC to Phone solutions & services. With the VoIP market already touching $7 billion, you can not afford to miss this chance of entering one of the most rapidly expanding industries of our times.    view more
Mobile 2 Phone service brings you a fantastic opportunity to using VoIP sector with our top of the line Mobile to Phone solutions & services. With this servce users can directly call from mobiles by installing mobile dialer software. You can not afford to miss this chance of entering one of the most rapidly expanding industries of our times.    view more
Go On Voip understands needs of execuives who are constantly traelling these days around the globe. Our unique Go On Voip  Callback service provides  reliable communication service  to these users  with call rates as same as local call rates.  In order to use this sever users   need  just   a access number  when ever  user  wants  place a call  just need to dial these access number. Our router in-turn calls them back and allows them to place extremely low-cost international and long distance phone calls by connecting them to our IP telephony interface. You  simply love it, and would continue association with us  for a long time   view more
Go On Voip makes things easier for all telephony service users, by offering its unique International Device2Phone/IP Phone services for residential users. This enables user to place calls directly from a device without the need of a PC. IP Phone is a phone that can be plugged directly into the Internet and place VoIP calls.  view more
This service enables to users to operate and manage a Callshops/Cyber-Cafés where customers could walk in and start calling via phone booths or PCs. The Callshop module application on the Go On Voip allows to create callshop accounts and map any customer account to it. Moreover, calls made via these account using the Callshop Software can be monitored, check charges and print bills easily. Our application makes Managing a Callshop/Cyber-Café has ever been easier!   view more
Let your customers enjoy the benefits of VoIP telephony like never before by minimising their calling costs with long distance and International Calling Cards from Go On Voip. With our extremely efficient ready-to-use platform, you can serve your customers in the best possible manner. Our Calling Card platform allows you to sell calling cards to your local market under your own brand name. Your customers will be able to make low-cost, premium quality calls worldwide by dialing your own local access numbersGenerate and manage PIN numbers for easy accountability of all minutes used. Offering the most competitive rates in the market, Go On Voip Prepaid Calling Cards are the best choice for your business.  view more
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