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Our mission is to encourage entrepreneurship and to provide the most sophisticated VoIP technology. Our strength lies in our extremely simple interface which gives worldwide access to the highest quality telephony available to telephone users. We are providing Plans for resellers, rather entrepreneurs, to start up with.

Features of Go On Voip.

1. Mobile Dialer

A Soft programme Which can be installed on the any Nokia mobile with  symbian  Operating system is used for calling directly call from mobile  just like normal mobile phone. no access number etc are not required.

2. Pc Dialer 

A Small executable file which is installed in Computer or Laptops in single click to make calls from it.

3. IP Phone 

It works just like a normal landline phone. which enables user to place calls directly from a phone without the need of a PC. Resellers can easily generate Device2Phone/IP Phone accounts and distributed to end users.

4. Best Quality

Quality matters. Your calls will always be delivered using our proven network of whilte cli routes of international carriers to make calls around the world.

5. Access Numbers/calling card feature.

Users can call the accesses numbers in your area to make the calls. it will works like a calling cards platform contact support at support@goonvoip.vom for access for your area.

6. Online Account Management

We Provide the Good  Looking user interface for Customers  to can check the  calls they made, present balance, payments they made.   Sign  up  online and buy credits online and many more.........

7. Fees

   No connection fees, maintenance fees, tax  fees, Government Recovery Fees etc expect Paypal Trasaction fees.

8. Support

Customer satisfaction is main important. we support  our customers for any problems  with  account and all through mail and live chat 24 hours and 7 Days a week.

Benefits as a Reseller:

1. Own website.

Resellers have his own good looking website for Managing his users and he can sell the plans in his own brand and name.

2. Own Rate Paln.

Resellers have One usable and editable rate pan for his clients. his clinets are charged based on the rates decided by adding hime by adding margin to each call.

3. Unlimited Accounts.

Resellers can add as many users in his account and sell to unlimited clients.

4. Full Control Over your Customers.

Resellers can add , delete , update his customers and make payments and generate recharge pins to his end customers.

5. Own Selling Currency.

Resellers can sell the palns in the currency they need. and generate any amount rechage pins.

6. Convenient Time.

Resellers can do buseiness  through internet from home at free  and  convenient time.

Why don't you start your business now ? Become our reseller start your own business now . contact us at : info@goonvoip.com

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